SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Gain new clientele everyday with the EditArea SEM solution.

Promote your web site with sponsored links in the pages of the most popular search engine: Google.
Choose among three solutions, good for any budget.

How EditArea SEM works:

1.  Site analysis and campaign planning
2.  Implement campaign
3.  Constant monitoring
4.  Result analysis
[1] Analysis of your site and planning of the Web ...

[1] Analysis of your site and planning of the Web Marketing campaign

Our Web Marketing and Search Marketing experts are at your services: they analyze your site and with your approval they'll seek out the most relevant keywords for your products and services.
They'll build advertising through the Web Marketing logic. 
With the direct link in the right pages, customers will click on the ads and reach your site.
[2] Start of campaign and immediate new clientele

[2] Start of campaign and immediate new clientele

We'll start the campaign within 24 hours from when you approve the keywords and the ads. Your ads will start to show up immediately on Google and they'll keep appearing until the preset budget is over.
From this moment, web surfers will see your ads every time they search with Google for your keywords.
They'll directly link to the page, or pages, you choose from your site.
[3] Monitoring and optimization of your campaign

[3] Monitoring and optimization of your campaign

Our Search Marketing experts constantly keep your campaign monitored to maximize the gain from your investment. 
This management includes the optimization of the keywords and, moreover, the text of the messages will be checked at approximately half-campaign (if necessary) to guarantee constant clicks.
[4] Report

[4] Report

At the end of the campaign, and every month, you'll receive a detailed report for your analysis.

Our Search Marketing experts will help you review your first analysis to understand which indexes are the most interesting and useful to you.

Discover which keywords were most effective, on which keywords it's worth to invest more budget or, even better, build up an SEO.

Find out which keywords have been less effective to give them less weight.
Find out which ads are the ones that give you more, and within the ads themselves which words are working more than others. 

If you use any visit analysis software, you can cross our report with their visit report, and discover which keywords and ads really transform visitors into customers.
You can use this data to optimize your site and reach the conversion objective: we'll bring you "hot" visitors ready to be converted into customers, but remember that in the end it's your site that converts them!
Minimum visits (Clicks) guaranteed4008001600
Average visits (Clicks) expected80016003200
Monthly visit (Click) report
Price€ 299,00€ 499,00€ 899,00
All prices do not include VAT.
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