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EditArea SEM is not enough, and you want to be constantly in the first pages of the main search engines?

EditArea SEO is the solution for you. 
Push your site to the first pages of all the search engines: Google, Yahoo, Msn Search and more.

Choose among 3 solutions, good for any budget.

How EditArea SEO works:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes the pages of an internet site for better results on a search engine.
This optimization aims to make the site show up in a good position in the search results for your keywords.
Our Search Marketing experts will analyze your site and will decide with you the most appropriate words for your site. 
For a deeper and more precise analysis we suggest you to do an SEM campaign first.
This way our experts will be able to count on real and specific data for your site.
Then, they take utilize this data to modify your current pages, seemlessly and without interruption to your site.

EditArea offers 3 solutions:

  • SeoBase

Ideal for small business and for companies that work in sectors with few competitors on the search engines.
SEOBase includes optimization of 3 pages of your site to improve it's ranking in main search engines, based on three couples of keywords.
SeoBase schedules a single optimization activity.

* una tantum: 299,00 €

  • SeoStandard

Ideal for companies with one product or a fixed set of products.
It includes the optimization for six pages of your site to improve your site's ranking in the main search engines, based on three couples of keywords.
Best results are obtained through constant monitoring, considering the counter-moves made by competitors. 
With SeoStandard we constantly verify the results obtained for a small monthly fee.

* setup: 499,00 €
* monthly fee: 39,00 €

  • SeoFull

Ideal for companies that operate in sectors with strong competition on search engines.
Best positioning is obtained by combining the optimization of twelwe pages of the site and the matching twelwe couples of keywords, pushing the link popularity feature.
These two techiniques, together with the monthly monitoring activity and the tuning based on competitors' counter-moves allow an outstanding solution for search engine positioning.

* setup: 899,00 €
* monthly fee: 69,00 €

Notes and suggestions:

Guaranteed Positioning: Warning, many web agencies and Internet consultants offer SEO with "Guaranteed positioning".
We don't, because at present no company in the world can truly offer a guaranteed positioning.
Customers new to the Web are easily attracted by this sort of "guarantee", and then discover (noted in small type somewhere deep in their site) that this guaranteed positioning is given only on keywords and/or engines with small usefulness, where there's no real competition.
For this reason we prefer to keep things transparent and say that our positioning isn't guaranteed.
In any case, before choosing where to spend your budget, gather information, make questions and claim for precise answers.

Real positioning: our Search Marketing experts will modify the pages of your site. We guarantee concrete and lasting results for couples of keywords.
Our methods are accurately built with the same techniques that we have tested and use on our site.

Time: we deliver the optimized pages or the campaigns in 72 hours. This means that your site will be ready to raise its ranking in 72 hours. This doesn't mean your site will be in the first position on Google in 72 hours! 
Positioning is a wide and complex issue, and times often depend on technical operations of the search engines (for this reason many sites start with SEM and then invest on SEM and SEO at the same time). 
It may take 6 months or more (especially for newborn sites) to see concrete results.
Generally the first results can be seen within two months. But once acquired, results are there to stay - save for small fluctuations and settlements.
Optimized pages3612
Keyword couples3612
Monthly verify and optimization 
Constant increase in popluarity through PR actions  
Setup€ 299,00€ 499,00€ 899,00
Monthly fee € 39,00€ 69,00
All prices do not include VAT.
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